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Review: Bar Humbug

I was meeting up with my friend T after work for a drink yesterday afternoon.  We did a quick lap of the block around my office looking for an appealing place, and landed at Bar Humbug in Little Bourke St.

Happily for me they have Rekorderlig Cider ($15/500ml), which is a sweet guilty pleasure of mine.  While I’m a big fan of the traditional dry apple ciders, I am also fond of the occasional sweeter cider, like pear or the Rekorderlig Strawberry and Lime. 

They also have Little Creatures Bright Ale on tap ($10/pint), which is what T drank.

I was going out for dinner later so didn’t order any food, however T ordered the Baked cheese quesadillas w guacamole($12).  This came out as 6 quarters of quesadilla with jalapenos and melted cheese inside, and a side pot of guacamole.  While I don’t believe there can ever be enough guacamole served with any dish, the pot was an appropriate size for the amount of quesadilla on the plate.

I’d definitely go here again.  I was tempted by a few things on their dinner menu, and if the quesadillas were anything to go by I’m sure it would be fresh and delicious.  There were plenty of gluten free options on the menu, and the staff seem very knowledgeable about the ingredients in the dishes for people with allergies.


Name: Bar Humbug
Website: http://www.barhumbug.com.au/
Urbanspoon: http://www.urbanspoon.com/r/71/760143/restaurant/Victoria/CBD/Bar-Humbug-Melbourne#

Review: Seven Seeds

I was meeting an old school friend for lunch today, and she suggested meeting at Seven Seeds in Carlton.  I suspect this was highly influenced by the proximity to where she works at Melbourne University!  Nonetheless, I managed to work out the tram network and get myself from my temporary Bourke St office to Carlton on time, which is an achievement I’m a little bit proud of. 

Seven Seeds is a specialist coffee shop that also serves breakfast and lunch.  A quick glance at the menu suggests it is very heavy on breads, but there was a nice note on the bottom saying that gluten free bread is available upon request.  The reviews on Urbanspoon all point towards the brioche french toast being the highlight of the menu, however that wasn’t an option for me.

When we arrived and looked at the daily menu I was pleased to find a chickpea and brown rice salad available, marked as GF.  That was my selection, while my friend had prosciutto, ricotta and a dip (capsicum?) with some freshly toasted bread.  Her meal looked amazing, it’s meals like this which make me wish I could eat fresh crusty bread again.  My salad was delicious, I’m a huge fan of brown rice salads with pistachios and currants.  This also had chickpeas, coriander, dried figs and a few other seeds and nuts.

Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to try the coffee as I had to rush back to work, but if their food is only the supporting act I’m sure they make a damn good cup of coffee.


Name: Seven Seeds
Address: 114 Berkeley St, Carlton
Website: http://www.sevenseeds.com.au